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Each post will feature a different recipe, always with step-by-step instructions and photos of each stage. The full recipe will appear at the end of the post. To see larger versions of every picture in a post, just click on one of the images and you can scroll through them all at once, like this:

For most recipes there will be essential ingredients and equipment, as well as optional ingredients and equipment. The optional ingredients will usually add an extra bit of flavour to the recipe, and the optional equipment will make your job a bit easier, or make the finished product more presentable. But each recipe can be attempted just with the essentials! My aim with this is to make your life easier and to save you money – you don’t want to go out and buy, say, vanilla essence, only to use it once and then forget about it.

Some recipes may have text written in bold green. This will point you towards things you should read before you start baking. You don’t want to get halfway through a recipe and then realise you should’ve left the butter out to soften 2 hours ago. 

If you want to be notified every time I post a new recipe, please do 'like' the facebook pageYou can find a full list of the recipes I've posted under the 'Recipes' tab, organised by category. All of the recipes can (and should!) be attempted by even the least experienced bakers. Have fun, and remember to take a picture of your finished baked goods, to share on the facebook page

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